Days of Whine and Neurosis

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Invited to Interview With USC :>) RJeff Goes Down :>(

Yes! I've been thinking about this for a month. I attended an information session back in November with Marshall's Admin Director, and I remember him saying that interviewable R1 candidates would be contacted by the 2nd week of December. Well, that week came and went, as did the next, and the next, and the next...

I was thinking that they wouldn't be in touch, but I got a nice surprise in my email inbox this morning. Now I have to show them that I'm not a complete social retard. I will do my best not to drool or scratch myself. USC would be great for me, and I hope the feeling is mutual.

Richard Jefferson, the super-star-in-the-making Small Forward on the New Jersey Nets, went out for the season yesterday with a wrist injury. RJeff had been killing it this year as a member of The Funkonauts -- my fantasy hoops team. Dang! I was rolling. I'm in first place by 8.5 games and playing my arch-nemesis this week. I was hoping to drop a Funky beat-down on that a** this week, but RJeff's loss will make that impossible. Toughest to replace are his 3s. Not that he drained a ton of them, but he did so as a nice bonus to his pts/bds/%s. Most 3-point guys are total idiot-savants. You get 3s and absolutely nothing else.

Well, all is not lost. Andrei Kirlilenko comes off the IL for me next week (making him the funkiest Russian alive), and Stephen "Sucka Punch" Jackson will rejoin my squad by the end of the month. It's time for my role players to step-up. Morris Peterson just dropped 37 points and 7 treys for me tonight. That's what I'm talking about!