Days of Whine and Neurosis

Friday, February 04, 2005

Firefox Rocks!

I've been using Mozilla's Firefox web browser for a couple of months now, and I love it. It's so far superior to IE. You can customize the browser with a bunch of free extensions that add cool functionality to the browser. For instance, from my browser I can control iTunes, look at a week of up to the minute weather forecasts from in my toolbar, check my broadband speed, and read incoming streams of news with a RSS reader...all from free, light extensions that don't distract me from the main window. And, the tabbed browsing is the only way to go.

My newest, and current favorite extension is BugMeNot. Once installed it allows you to fill-in registration forms on web sites with anonymous info, all with a simple right-click. Say you want to read the New York Times online or look at the Business Week Top 30 MBA rankings without giving up your email address and watching your spam folder fill-up. Just right click and the registration form will be filled in with some random info that gets your past the gate-keeper. As Napoleon Dynamite would say, “Yeeesssssssss!”

Check it out here: Firefox