Days of Whine and Neurosis

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I just got the "congratulations" call from the USC Marshall School of Business! I'm really excited. I knew that decisions were going to be released today, but I didn't want to get my hopes up because I heard they'd be rolling out their "welcome to USC" calls over the first two weeks of February. Phew, now the waiting game is over! I'm glad to have started the season two-for-two. Thanks for all of the well-wishes and support, fellow bloggers. It feels great to have this one under my belt because the next decision deadlines for the schools I applied to are at the end of March, and that is a looooooooong way away.

My band played the Viper Room on Sunday at 11 PM and rocked the joint. It was a great gig. Does anyone have a job in LA? I ask because every time I have a late gig on a school night the place is packed. The Viper Room was as crowded at 11 on a Sunday as it would have been on a Saturday.

I'm off to the mountains this weekend for some snowboarding. We haven't had a storm in the past few weeks, so there won't be any powder, but it will still be nice to get on the hill. Hopefully we'll get a rogue storm on Friday to dump 2 feet. I'm so glad that they've consistently pushed back the start of the Super Bowl over the years so that now I can board in the morning and still make it back for the afternoon kick-off. I remember missing almost all of the 88/89--Joe Montana is a god--Super Bowl because I was skiing with one of my friends from school. That was quite a sacrifice, given our status as 49er faithful.

The Eagles are 7.5 point dogs this weekend. Hmmmm...