Days of Whine and Neurosis

Thursday, March 31, 2005

HBS Says "Um, no."

I checked my email yesterday while flying out of town on business and saw that the official HBS rejection was waiting for me. Oh well, I expected it. The outcome was clear a few weeks ago when I still hadn’t heard about an interview. I had quite a bit going for me at Harvard: my brother went to HBS and wrote a letter to the Dean on my behalf, a high-level executive in the MBA program’s administration read my essays and recommended me to the admissions committee, and the CEO of a company I used to work for (and an HBS MBA) wrote the Dean to recommend me. So, with all of that supplementary information influencing their decision it’s abundantly clear that the HBS Adcom thinks I’m only fit to be a bus driver, pimp, or Assistant Manager at IHOP. I hear that bus drivers get good benefits, and pimpin’ ain’t easy, so I’m leaning towards mass transit.

That’s it. No more schools to hear from, except for UCLA’s waitlist decision. It feels sort of strange to know, but not know at the same time, and this journey has now been whittled down to a choice between USC and a big fat “maybe” at UCLA.

To re-cap for those who missed the last episode, I was accepted at USC and UC Irvine, wait-listed at UCLA, and rejected at Cal and Harvard. I’m stoked to choose between USC and UCLA (assuming they give me the opportunity to do so). UCLA has been my first choice since day one and still is, but USC has a terrific Real Estate program and that’s where I want to end up, so if it’s USC I’ll be in a great position to succeed.

I wasn’t upset to get rejected by Cal and Harvard. I think that Cal’s bschool is a lot like its football team: over-rated and unable to live up to the hype. Why do I say this? Because I can. And Harvard? Come on, who wants to leave California to freeze in Boston, surrounded by hockey haircuts and NYC-envy? Although, the right to speak in the third person would have been pretty awesome. “JDiddy’s in the Ivy League, sucka.” Yeah, that would have been cool. (Rant over. Both schools are great and I applied to get accepted because I would have been happy to attend. There is no factual evidence to support either of the nonsensical claims made above. And come on, who am I fooling – if Harvard says yes, you don’t say no. You just bared witness my catharsis. Back to the regularly scheduled self-indulgent witticisms).