Days of Whine and Neurosis

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Not So Super Saturday

So, Super Saturday has come and gone at Haas and I wasn’t invited. So it goes. Their decisions are released on the 18th, and at this point I have to assume that they’ll say “thanks, but no thanks.” There is, however, the possibility of waitlist purgatory, which is still preferable to an outright rejection. After Haas’s decision date on 3/18 come UCLA’s on 3/25 and Harvard’s on 3/30. It’s amazing that this hurry-up-and-wait experience might be over in two weeks. It’s been such a massive part of my life for the past several months, but I’ll be very happy to finally know the outcome (and hopefully have a nice dilemma or two).

This past week was something else. On Friday my DSL decided to roll over and play dead. Of course, I had 20 MBs of information to email to a client by the end of the day. Damn you, Murphy’s Law. My DSL provider (which rhymes with “horizon,” as in, “terrible service, dropped connections, and buck-passing are on the horizon”) had been dodging my tech support calls for weeks while my service became progressively more sporadic. Finally, I called to cancel and switch to a cable modem. As soon as the “cancellation department” got on the line things started happening. They had a tech at my house two hours later (a total miracle, given their normal “sit around your house all day and we’ll get there when we feel like it” approach), and they gave me several months of free service. And now it works! I’m happy that it works, but jeez, just handle your business before you drive your customers away for life.

This coming week will see me fly out of town for a short tour. My band’s headlining a 1,000 person room next weekend, which is going to be great!