Days of Whine and Neurosis

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Other Side of Rejection

I just sent UC Irvine an email turning down their offer of admission. I waited as long as possible before sending it off, but I knew that I had to do it sooner than later in order to let some tortured soul off the wait-list. (UCLA Anderson admits, re-read that last sentence a few times). :>)

When I started getting my Bschool and GMAT plans together last summer I never thought I’d be turning schools down. Of course, I knew it was theoretically possible, but I was so wrapped up the application anxiety that I just wanted to think about receiving one offer and not getting greedy. Well, all of my peers in the same position now know that it’s better to be buying than selling. The MBA application process is truly a psychological journey. You go from total subservience and wanton-desire, to a frenzy of work and panic, to sitting on your throne and choosing who shall receive the pleasure of your presence. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the point.

From my limited experience, the admissions committee and student ambassadors at UCI are the coolest, nicest folks in the MBA game. Their genuine interest in each applicant is really special, and entirely unique. If you’re thinking of applying, do it. Not to mention the fact that they just pulled down $30MM and renamed their bschool after donor Paul Merage. Imagine having enough dough to give away $30MM!!! That would be sick! Someday, my ambitious friends, someday.

I decided to pass on their offer because of my acceptance at USC and possible acceptance to UCLA. Ultimately, both schools will allow me to attend Bschool without moving, and they offer stronger programs in my desired concentration.

On a darker note, my fantasy basketball team crumbled just in time for the playoffs. I lost Tim Duncan, Brad Miller, Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, and Al Harrington during or well before the playoffs. That’s a friggin’ dream team lost to injuries. Now I’m fighting for 3rd place and against the indignity of sending out a check to the winners.

I just read that Hank Greenberg, the ex-CEO of AIG (read: Spitzer’s pin-cushion), gifted $2.2 billion in AIG stock to his wife before heading for the regulatory hills with the SEC nipping at his heels. That’s 2,200 million, folks. Glad to see that unconscionable, massive-scale corporate fraud is alive and well. Mr. and Mrs. Greenberg will surely join the likes of Fastow, Skilling, Lay, Ebbers, and Rigas in the innermost circle of hell, where they will toil in the coal mines and save their pennies for 40 years, only to have it stolen by some pasty, pudgy little worm. Remember Mrs. Lay crying on national TV a couple of years ago when the whole Enron thing went down? That was special. She must have had some bad caviar that afternoon.

So, to conclude this rambling mess: baseball is back, and all is right with the world! I can’t wait to take in a few day games this summer.