Days of Whine and Neurosis

Monday, May 30, 2005

Grandstanding at Stanford

Main Entry: grandstand
Function: intransitive verb
: to play or act so as to impress onlookers

Stanford's GSB announced that they’re rejecting all of the 41 MBA applicants who accessed their admission decisions during the infamous Apply Yourself disaster. Here’s the article: Stanford Rejects 41 Hacker Applicants.

First things first, it bugs that they’re still calling this a “hack.” But, I digress (and please, no silly analogies or moral pontificating. We’ve read it all before on the BW forums).

The real problem is that Stanford positioned itself as the compassionate, sensible leader during the aftermath, only to become the most evil of them all when it came down to it. They asked everyone who accessed their decision to write a letter explaining their actions and motivations. And then they denied every single one of them.

Stanford acted like they were giving people a second chance, but were only interested in prolonging the agony and talking to hear the sound of their own voice. There is simply no possible way that every single one of the 41 explanations fell short. I believe this is what’s known as, “gettin’ feudal on that ass.”

In my opinion, they had no intention of letting any of the Palo Alto 41 get off the chopping block, but we’ll never know. So, in summary, Go Bears!