Days of Whine and Neurosis

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Math Camp

Monday and Wednesday marked the optional “math camp” for incoming first-years at UCLA Anderson. For me, however, it was certainly mandatory as I hadn’t attended a math class in more than a decade. The Professor, David Ravetch, was flat-out hilarious. He had an auditorium of 220 people laughing from 9 AM until 4 PM for two days in a row. That’s some feat when calculus, statistics, and the mathematics of finance are the topics of discussion. I learned quite a bit and felt very good about spending part of the summer going over the GMAC’s “MBA Survival Kit-Quantitative Skills” CD. It’s funny that most of us spend our time worrying about calculus and stats, when they are, in fact, quite a bit easier than algebra. More often than not, the errors come not from the calculus, but from simplifying the answer using algebra.

After math camp a bunch of us went to a bar in West LA called “Cabo Cantina.” Everyone I’ve met has been very cool and very sharp. Most Anderson students are pretty laid-back and socially adept.

Leadership Foundations starts on Monday and lasts all week, followed by a week of orientation. I’ll bet my life-savings (all $62.59 of it) that Leadership Foundations features a day on a ropes-course. Who decided that the ropes-course = leadership training? Who didn’t blindly fall backwards off a picnic table into the arms of their waiting teammates at least twice during a childhood of summer camps and school field-trips? If you find this decision-maker, let me know. By the way, does anyone remember the episode of The Office (the British version) when the management consultant comes in and makes them solve the “Fox, Chicken, and a bag of seed” problem to build teamwork? One of the funniest 30-minutes of television I’ve ever seen.

It’s all happening! I’ll try to post some photos of the Anderson campus in the coming weeks (I just got a new digital camera and I’m looking for an excuse to use it).